Save the Beer!

Read the story first.
It's bad enough when they kill your friends and neighbors, but when they guzzle all the beer in town it's time for drastic action.
Just how much beer does it take to get an elephant drunk?
ANSWER: Let's assume an elephant can drink proportionally as much as a dog (by weight). A 50 lb dog gets tipsy on a pint of beer. An elephant weighs 4000 lbs., that's 160 times as much as the dog, so the elephant would need 20 gallons to catch a buzz.
DISCLAIMER: Do not give beer to your dog. A dog's liver is not evolved for eliminating alcohol the way a human's is, besides, it's a waste of good beer.


Help, I'm de-evolving!

I see that I've picked up another incoming link, but I dropped from a "Crunchy Crustacean" to a "Wiggly Worm"
More on this as it develops.
UPDATE: Now I'm back up to a "Lowly Insect".
UPDATE: back to "Crunchy Crustacean


Hospital Bills

The bills are coming in for my hospital visits. The total so far is $72,904.06.
Is that scary, or what? Of course, I don't have to pay all of that, my insurance is picking up most of that. My share is under $2000.



Unctuous indeed.
(Characterized by affected, exaggerated, or insincere earnestness)


I see that my TTLB Ecosystem rank has improved from Insignificant Microbe to Crunchy Crustacean, skipping right over Wiggly Worms and Multicellular Microorganisms. (Shown at the bottom of this page).
It says that there is one incoming link, but it doesn't say who it's from.
Well whoever it was -- thankyou!

UPDATE: The link was from Anticipatory Retaliation.
The link to this blog is titled Young Boozer

(Does this rugburn look infected to you?)


New Meds

Went to my cardiologist yesterday. He had the results of my latest bloodwork. My cholesterol is 230 (down from 260 a month ago). He says thet's not enough of a change, so he changed my cholesterol meds from Lopid to Zocor.

If this does for me what statins have done for others we know, this should drop my cholesterol to around 160.

First Comment Spam!

I just recieved my first comment spam.

betsy says:

Hey guys my good friends are trying to enter a battle of the bands, please vote for their entry at:

I'm not printing the rest of it.
Go get your own blog, betsy.

UPDATE:betsy already has a blog.


Strange Day

Today started like any other day, except on the way to work I ran over something on the freeway with my right tires. About 5 minutes later I hear on the traffic report -- there's wood in lanes. (Well, maybe it was wood but I would have guessed it was a muffler), so I don't think much more about it.
On the way home, about 3 miles from home, I'm driving along about 75, just keeping up with traffic, when the truck starts handling kind of squirrelly, then there's that tire shredding kind of vibration from the right rear, and everybody in the right 2 lanes just gets out of the way so I can pull over (were they being courteous or just didn't like the chunks of rubber flying onto their windshields?). I limped on over to the shoulder, turned on the emergency flashers. and climbed out the passenger side. About half the tread was gone, and the belts were showing. About then I remember running over something this morning. Anyhow, the rim wasn't bent, a minor consolation. So' I pull the jack out from behind the seat, remove the hub cover loosen the lug nuts slide the jack under the axle, crank it up a few inches, lower the spare, old tire off, spare tire on, lower the truck, tighten the lug nuts, re-stow the jack, and toss the old tire in back. All this time, I'm thinking how it's only been 3 weeks since I had a heart attack, and the cardiologist said don't exert yourself.
I drove to the cheap tire store to have the tire replaced. I was out of there in a half hour with 2 new Pirelli Scorpion A/Ts.
As I pull in the driveway I notice Star is outside (and Basia's not home). I opened the door and let her in and she heads straight for her water for a long drink, so I asked her, How long have you been out? , and she does that please don't scold me kind of begging with the paw and the big sad eyes that tells me she's guilty of something. Uh oh, what did you do, Star? I walked into the bedroom to change clothes and see the blinds are all bent outward and the screen is gone. My best guess is that she saw the neighbor's cat in the back yard, clawed the screen off and flew out the window before she realized there was a 4 foot drop.


Shaken, not stired

Starting from Stephen Green's sugestions and adjusting to our own tastes, here is a recipe for the the perfect Vodka martini:
4 parts Vodka (Stolichnaya 80 proof)
1 part Vermouth (whatever)
Shake with plenty of ice and strain into cocktail glasses with 4 small olives and a splash of juice from the olive jar.

*- as far as I can tell, the vermouth's role is to take the edge off the vodka.


More Chest Pains

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

3:00 PM: On the way home from work, I started feeling chest pains. The pains get stronger, so I took a nitroglycerine. The pain went away in a couple minutes. I went home, I told Basia, she called my primary care physician's office and got an appointment for tomorrow.

Friday, September 17, 2004

3:30 PM: Left work early to go see primary care physician. Chest pains on the way home went away after a breathing deep, Stopped at home so Basia can come along and consult with primary care physician. Chest pains in the waiting room went away before They called my name. Primary care physician gave me a prescription for Zantac 300.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Felt lousy all day, I shoulda stood in bed.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

12:30 AM: Chest pains.

1:00 AM: Chest pains stronger, took nitroglycerine.

1:30 AM: Chest pains haven't gone away. Got dressed, Basia drove me to the hospital.

2:00 AM: Arrived at Emergency Room. Sprayed nitroglycerine under my tongue, took ECGs, took blood, took X-rays, took more blood.

2:30 AM: Test comes back positive for troponin, a protein marker for heart muscle damage(myocardial infarction). I am admitted to the hospital.

8:30 AM: I am taken downstairs for an angioscopy, found 99% blockage at one point, they perform a balloon angioplasty and install a medicated stent.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Discharged, Sent home.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

6:00 AM: Back to work