Chance to mop the floor.

Basia was selling her bbq sauce at the farmers market this morning, she calls me up and says when you can get a chance to mop the kitchen floor.
This is a common misperception of wives, that their husbands are sitting at home just waiting by the phone totally unguided until we recieve instructions from the boss.

Anyhow, I turned to Chance, and gave him his marching orders, "Basia says you're supposed to mop the kitchen floor!" He kind of turned his head sideways as if he understood, and ran out of the office towards the kitchen. I didn't give it another thought, collies and shelties are incredibly intelligent.

Anyhow, about an hour later, Basia calls back; "Did you get a Chance to mop the kitchen floor yet?"
I replied, "Yes I told him to mop the floor, should I check on him to make sure he did it?"
Basia: "Who?"
Bruce:"Chance. You told me to get Chance to mop the floor."
Basia:"Oh! Maybe you should check on him."

So I went to the kitchen, Star and Chance are standing there with a what should we do look on their faces. "You're supposed to mopping the floor you lazy cats!" (dogs hate to be called cats, they know cats are lazy bums who just lay around all day and sleep). When I finally got the dogs to stop barking at me for that insult, I instructed them on the finer points of mopping the kitchen floor.

So Basia comes home after a couple hours and inspects the floor. " Oh, You did get a Chance to mop the floor!" -- hugs and kissed for Chance.
"Of course, he's a very smart dog!"

(You owe me, big time, dog!)


I need a vacation

I really should buy about 5 gallons of booze and go hide in the mountains for at least a week.

Aint gonna happen anytime soon.


Taxes Completed

We have completed our taxes. I used TurboTax again this year. It went pretty well other than having to re-install after I got the update bug fixed. Did anybody else have this problem? Did anybody not have this problem? Did anybody call the help line?

I didn't see anywhere TurboTax offering a solution for S corporation filings, those we did ourselves. The hard way. It should surprise nobody that California tax forms are even more screwed up than federal tax forms.


Speaking of Weird

I have few doubts about this guy.


NEWS of the WEIRD and companion site Backstage at Newza da Weird
You don't have to be weird to enjoy news of the weird.
(you don't have to admit it anyway).


Damn These Gas Prices.

This site shows gas prices all over the country. Am I the only one not suprised to see that California has the highest price around? Thank you very much Sacramento, for screwing things up yet again.