The Dilbert Blog: Dangerous Donuts

It's all fun and games until somebody is killed by a psycho cop with a donut. Victims of donut violence unite!
hat tip: IMAO


I already know what I want for Christmas.

I already know what I want for Christmas this year, in case anybody was wondering. Here's a hint, I'm really, really thirsty. That should help quench my thirst.


Back From Arizona

I've been in Arizona all week.

The dogs enjoyed themselves, neither one strayed from our sight, at least not for long.

The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees and clear blue skies most days.

The night-time skies were clear, the moon ruined most real dark sky viewing. Mars was visible in the eastern sky just after sunset. The Andromeda Galaxy was visible just to the left of Mars, I've never seen Andromeda so clearly before.

My friend John was there the whole week. We drank lots of beer, we shot some targets, I wish we had more time.

Basia was with me all week, as always. After 19-1/2 years of marriage, a week in the mountains never seems enough. 7 days of continuous contact with her always leaves me wanting more.

Next year I'll have 4 weeks of vacation.
It doesn't seem enough.