Google Fun

It appears as though have the dubious honor of being the number 1 result for:

infected rugburn

the number 1 result for:

"her big belly"

I'm underwhelmed, really ...

Don't take away their Everclear!

West Virginia bans 190-proof booze.
How could they do this? 151 proof isn't strong enough!

This ought to improve the market for moonshine.



Firefox - 1.5

Firefox - 1.5 is available for download!



In light of the recent indecisionat Pajamas Media, or is it OSM? No it's Pajamas Media. No it's OSM! I have scored major coup by securing the rights to WWW.JammiesBlog.com.

Pretty cool huh? While the (supposedly) smartest guys in the blogosphere are trying to choose a name, I have snatched the world's coolest domain name right out from under their noses!


update: more on this topic at http://jammiesblog.blogspot.com/



Turkey Day!

The turkey's almost done, I can smell it! The potatoes are boiling. Our guests are due any minute.


New Scientist Breaking News - Stock remedy

Breaking News! Chicken soup can relieve the symptoms of a cold.
Umm, OK. That's not too surprising, since everybody's grandmas already told us this for the last thousand years or so.
I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers.


Hey Stacey!

I'm always glad to hear from old friends, especially if I've lost contact for a few years.

Happiness is a warm puppy!

According to this Reuters article, petting a dog is very theraputic.
Works for me!


Wild, Wild Women

The key to a long, happy life!
(I married the wildest one)
kudos: Vodkapundit


Doctor Visit

Another trip to the doctor today. My cholesterol is down (to 154), so we went to an all you can eat buffet to celebrate.

Beer makes you clever

Beer makes you clever: It's official!
It also make women more beautiful. That's my observation anyhow.


OK, Shutup a Minute!

OK, I really didn't mean that, exactly, I meant more than a minute, more like a couple of hours. Hours of blissful silence!
What triggered this plea for peace and quiet? SarahK got me thinking, talking about introverts.