Hangover Prevention

This article points out some hangover prevention strategies.

My personal strategies:

  1. Get plenty of rest before you party.
  2. Drink water before you party.
  3. Don't drink cheap - premium booze gives you less of a hangover.
  4. Dring water while you drink alcohol.
  5. Don't switch drinks.
  6. Dring more water after you drink alcohol.
  7. Tylenol and booze don't mix.
  8. Don't sleep drunk.
  9. Drink more water.
  10. Sleep late.
  11. Drink more water.
Most of a hangover is dehydration, hence 2, 4, 6, 8, and 11 above.



Highest Blood Alcohol Ever Recorded?

According to Oddly Enough News Article | Reuters.com, this guy was over twice the lethal limit when he was run over by a car and killed.
Note that's twice the lethal limit, not legal limit. That's twice the amount that would kill most people, and he still managed to stagger out to the road. Amazing.
For some reason, the Latvian police believe you can't consume enough alcohol in a single day to reach 0.9%. I think it's possible, but I'm not going to try and prove it, because I'm lacking the death wish necessary to motivate me to do so.

The link is abandon by Reuters long ago.
Try this site:
They say 0.74% is the highest ever recorded at a U.S. hospital.

Catching Up

Sorry, I've been behind in my posting.

Earlier this month we took a quick (3 day) trip to Arizona. It got down to 20F one night, but we were nice and warm in the cabin with the stove.

I had a milestone birthday (ending in zero).

I bought myself a video iPod, opted for the 60Gb so I never have to remove anything to make room for more. I've loaded in all my CD's now, I don't I'll ever fill it up.
Basia wants one too, no actually she wants this one, I have to grab it when she puts it down (like the remote), or I don't get to play with it. We went to Best Buy the other night, all the Apples were sold out. I offered her another brand, which she would usually go for, because it costs less. No, not this time, she wants an Apple (only the best). Maybe if she's a good girl, when they go on sale in January... (or she'll just go get one herself)


Ten reasons to drink during the holidays

Ten reasons to drink during the holidays

Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, the word "holiday" does not derive from the Anglo-Saxon words for "drinking too much," but it can sure seem like that at times.

I'm not familiar with this concept "drinking too much".
I may have to do a bit more research.