Be careful what you mix in your booze

According to a recent study quoted by MSNBC.com Artificially sweetened booze packs more punch.
You'll get drunker faster with artificial sweeteners.

My personal experience is that sweet drinks (made with lots of fruit juice or full of sugar soft drinks) will give you a worse hangover.


Back from the hinterlands

We went to our special place in Arizona last week.

The weather was good, highs around 70F, lows around freezing. The skys were blue-blue during the days, like they never are in Southern California. The stars were brilliant most nights, like they only are in dark-sky country.

Basia is getting to be a pretty good shot with the Ruger (10-22), but we don't argue about who's better, (especially with loaded guns handy).

Star enjoyed going for walks off-leash, she didn't wander away at all, at least not so far she couldn't come back soon when called. I think she now realizes that she is never going to catch any jackrabbit that has a head start on her.
She stuck close by when the coyotes howled at night, barking her warnings: "You better not come too close!"

Chance relaxed the whole time, opting to watch the camp when we went for a hike. I'm not sure if age and altitude were getting to him or maybe he just didn't want to take the risk of missing a meal while out walking.

We enjoyed eating and drinking with the local highlanders.
We enjoyed eating and drinking with each other.

I paid ninety (90) dollars to fill my tank in Kingman. OUCH!