Beer: The Midwife of Civilization

Very good read on the history of beer, best read while drinking a beer.

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Doctor Visits

I went to see my cardiologist a few weeks ago.
My total cholesterol is now 162.
He told me to lose 20 lbs and get more exercize.
I suppose he's right, on both counts. I weigh as much now as as I ever have.

I saw my GP last week about some heartburn I've been having for the last 20+ years. He gave me a prescription for ranitidine (zantac). I read here that:
Ranitidine can interfere with the metabolism of alcohol.
Patients taking ranitidine who drink alcohol may have elevated blood alcohol levels.

At least I have that to look forward to.
I'll keep you posted


For Everything About BEER...

The road from BARLEY to BEER is a long one. From the FIRST DROPS of dew on the hop fields to the last bubble of a PERFECT POUR, it's a beautiful journey.

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