Egyptian Drunken Orgy 1470 B.C.

It sounds like a spring-break splurge "Girls Gone Wild" style. Drink huge quantities of beer, get wasted, indulge in gratuitous sex and pass out. But back in 1470 B.C. this was the agenda for many Egyptians. Archaeologists have found evidence amid the ruins of a temple in Luxor that the annual rite featured sex, drugs and ancient rock 'n roll

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I want one of THESE!

Beer Dispensing Machine

Forget the kegerator I wanted for my birthday, get me one of these instead!


Back from the Mountains

Back from the Mountains

We spent 7 days this time.

The weather was fair, ~80F days ~40F nights.

The first day we were there, we heard the neighbors across the road, and went over for a quick chat. Star was hassling with their dog, while Chance shied away from the bigger dogs and their growling dominance games. We could see Chance sniffing around the camp, maybe 50 feet away. It came time to leave, and Chance was nowhere to be found, we looked and called for an hour. There was no trace of him.
We looked for him every day until we left, to no avail.
I think he was taken by a predator (Cougar, Lynx, Coyote).

We miss him.
Star is pretty sad too, she won't eat (much).