Be carefull who you drink with!

With friends like this... Who needs enemies?

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So, yesterday (Thanksgiving) Basia and I got up early baked a turkey, (and stuffing and gravy of course). We packed it up with veggies, relishes, pies, appetizers, and beers, and hauled the whole feast over to M & K's place. Combined with their feast (and in-laws) it was a major chow-fest.

While we're packing everything, I'm thinking about the drive over, and how, since the 22 (Garden Grove Freeway) is still under construction and most likely the Harbor Blvd exit is still closed, we should avoid the bottlenecks. So I said to Basia, " I don't think we should take the 22 this time".
Basia gives me an are you nuts? look and says (eyes blazing), "OF COURSE WE'RE NOT TAKING ANY GUNS!".
I'm pleased that she shares my interest in firearms, for thinking in calibers, but on the other hand, I wonder why she would think (even for a moment) that I would consider bringing such a small caliber weapon along on an urban excursion.


How To Drink Vodka And Stay Sober in 7 Seconds

Russians are renowned for drinking a lot of vodka staying sober. That’s not something to do with biological inheritance but with the way we drink. Russians believe that foreigners don’t know how to drink. Russians, on the other hand, do everything to stay sober while drinking as much alcohol as possible. How do we do it?

Why do they do it? It sounds like a waste of very good Russian vodka to me.
Drink to battle sobriety, but avoid hangovers at all costs!

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