Working at home

I worked on the base cabinet under the sink today. The bottom got wet from a leaky faucet. It became soft and had fallen apart. I built a platform of 2x6's and 1/2" plywood. That should hold it for now.


Sober People Now Too Drunk to Drive in New York State

Sober People Now Too Drunk to Drive in New York State

In short, the new law makes any detectable level of alcohol the standard for being drunk.
But everybody has detectable levels of alcohol in their blood.


Water Heater - II

Yesterday, I found my water heater leaking.
This morning I drove to Home Depot, (credit card in hand). They had a fair selection, with 4 grades of 40 gallon tanks. I got one with 40000 BTU and a 6 year warranty. I disconnected the old heater, re-connected the new (yes I did use new hoses and gas line). While I was at it I replaced the hoses on the washer (the old were soft). All done and washed up in 2 hours.


Water Heater

I walked out to the garage this afternoon.
There is water leaking from the water heater.
I shut off the valve and opened the drain.
I know what my pre-game party will consist of.
Looks like a trip to Home Depot for me in the morning.