CNN.com don't know guns

There's a story on CNN.com where they're talking about a shotgun slaying, but they keep calling it a rifle.
A rifle has spiral grooves to give the bullet a spin for better accuracy.
A shotgun is smoothbore gun.

CNN don't know guns.

In Trial, Drugs Equal Benefits of Artery Stents

New York Times has a picture of my stent.
I thought there was more wire.


New Dog

We have a new dog.

Her name is Cookie.
We're guessing she's a pointer mix.
She points (sort of).


Bloody Sloe Screw

2 navel orange (baseball sized)
2 blood oranges (handball sized)
1-1/2 oz Vodka
3/4 oz Sloe Gin
3/4 oz Triple Sec

Mmm! A bit sweeter than I usually drink, but I'll remember this one

Blood Orange Screwdriver

1 navel orange (baseball sized)
1 blood orange (handball sized)
1-1/2 oz Vodka (a little bigger shot glass)

The blood orange is really blood colored, a little bit sweeter than a navel orange. This drink is not quite as sweet as a sloe screw.