A crappy cell phone picture of a beauty.


Eating the Free Pig

Last week, we filled the freezer with wild boar.
Today, we're having ribs.
More on this after we eat.

Another Medical Procedure

I took Friday off work, I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy procedure.

Part of the preparation was to fast all day Thursday and after 3PM drink two bottles of Fleet® Phospho-soda® Oral Saline Laxative. Trust me -- it works all too well.

Friday, I went in for the procedure. They put me out for both procedures. I slept through most of it, but I woke up during the endoscopy - (not a pleasant experience).

The results of the tests are --
I had one polyp removed during the colonoscopy. This was sent for biopsy. I'll find out in a couple weeks if it's nothing.
I have a hiatal hernia. The doctor prescribed Prilosec to counteract the heartburn. So far it's working. I'm not sure if I should stop taking the 300mg Zantac.
I think I'll finish the prescription off, Prilosec in the morning and Zantac at night.

When I got home I slept about 4 hours, and I had a sore throat when I woke up. I sprayed some Cepacol down my gullet for relief. (it worked after a dozen squirts).

I'm doing OK now, enjoying the weekend.


Free Pigs!

I was at home yesterday, trying to stay cool in the 92 degree heat, and having a cold one in the shade.
Basia called: I've got two pigs in the back of my Jeep, make room in the freezer, bye I gotta go.
I said: huh?

An old hunter friend of hers had bagged some wild (feral?) pigs on a hunting trip up north (details are sketchy).
Anyway, when Basia backed up the driveway and opened the back, there were two whole hogs (skinned and gutted of course) laying there. One was way bigger than the other. They were probably 150 pounds combined.

The dogs were dancing in delight. Look at all those bones!

The meat cutting went pretty fast, considering neither of us had ever cut up a pig before. A big cleaver and a Tiger saw made quick work of the stubborn cuts.

Looks like we'll be barbecueing lots of good, lean pork this summer.