Big Lemon

Basia sent me out to pick a lemon earlier, I found this monster on the tree.
Beer can shown for size comparison only.

Render unto Caesar..

A few weeks ago I was driving to work, in the carpool lane (it's ok my carpool buddy was riding with me), and we're stuck behind some jerk driving slower than any of the other lanes. In California, the carpool lane is separated from the fast lane by double yellow lines except at select points (too few, too far between) where you can enter or leave.
I was fed up and a bit impatient, so as soon as a space opens up in the next lane, I pull in. Of course, when I did, the slow jerk speeds away. Within seconds, I glance in the mirror and CHiPs is on my tail, (lights on). I pull over and collect my ticket.
A couple weeks later, in accordance with the citation, I reported to the courthouse, in beautiful downtown Compton.
The courthouse actually is the most attractive building in Compton, (your tax dollars at work). I waited in line about an hour, and paid my $381.00 fine.

I heard from a coworker - the fine will be increasing to over $1000.00 after July 1, 2007. Snopes says it's not true (I know the state's greedy, but that would be ridiculous).