Working on the pipes...

For the last few weeks we've been trying to cope with our piping problem.

We called a major copper re-pipe specialist here in southern California, who came out right away, and quoted us 2100 dollars to re-pipe the addition (master bedroom) in the attic, or 5000 dollars to re-pipe the whole house. We signed a contract for 2100 dollars. They sent a guy out the next morning, looked around for a half hour and called his boss, saying "this isn't the kind of job I want". Next day the supervisor came out and called around for a couple of hours, and said another plumber would be there that afternoon. Never showed, never called. Next day we exercised our 3-day right to cancellation.

Looks like the cheapest, most reliable "plumber" I know is typing this blog entry. I already know the two things a plumber needs to know -- crap flows downhill and payday is on Friday. (a plumber told me that - it's a joke)

So we start exploring in the walls and ceilings. Turns out the original house is supplied from the addition, two copper lines to/from the water heater. The original house is all plumbed in old galvanized pipe.

We'll be re-piping a section per weekend as time, skills (limited), patience (also limited), and heat waves (unlimited) allow.

I took last Friday off so Basia (my helper and supervisor) could assist me -- she had to work Sunday & Monday) , and we re-piped the cold water line in the front bathroom. We also replaced the shut-off valve and brought the supply back in through the original house, to the water heater. Now we have full time water supply to the front bathroom and kitchen.

Our next task, working our way front to back is to re-pipe the cold water line to the kitchen.