Done with the Cold Water

We've reached a major milestone with the re-pipe. We have finished with the cold water piping. This was more involved than the hot water will be since it involved re-routing the supply into the house as well as routing around the house to get to the garage.

We still have to re-pipe the hot water, but that won't be anywhere near as complex a job as the cold. Then, of course, there's the drywall to replace...


Talk Like a Pirate

Ye scurvy dogs!
Grab your rum and join in!


Tales of Copper Re-Pipe

We finished the repipe of the cold water line to the kitchen last week. I learned that a "dry" pipe can suddenly gush water and ruin the joint you're trying to solder. I bought 20 feet of plastic tubing to shove into and blow out any line before I try to sweat another joint.
We're now working on the cold water line to the master bath and garage. We'll have to wait until it's 100% ready before disconnecting the existing connections under the slab. Actually I have no idea what path water takes to the garage. I will need to find out before I can re-connect the laundry.


Old Pipes

Here's one of the reasons I need to re-pipe.

This is the hot water pipe, above and behind the water heater.

I wonder how long this would last...